Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bots in progress

I've been tinkering a bit since my last post, and as pleased as I am to say I have some bots that are almost done, it just feels like all I ever have are bots that are almost done!
They are always short of some needed detail or character feature, but especially are usually lacking arms, hands, legs or feet. torsos and heads never seem to be a problem, but finding cool junk parts in matched pairs makes limb-building a little slower and frustrating.

Here is some new progress shots. I believe, for the most part, the copper and silver greasebot is complete. I may mount a hose and grease nozzle out of his butt for him to hold.


and of course, when they are complete, I'll have them for sale on etsy and post the announcement here!


  1. I love the straightjacket/scientist looking are you making these? Superglue? Welding? and where do you go to find such great pieces? I've always wanted to work on such a project.