Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I've been Boing Boing'd!

I woke up this morning to an unusually high number of views and adds to my flicker account, more specifically the pic of the Velma design I did for threadless.com. I tracked back my traffic and saw it had all come from Boing Boing. Yay publicity!    you can see it HERE.

The comments section below is funny because the first poster automatically poo-poos not only the drawing, but steampunk as well, having already viewed my profile I suppose. But the original poster dissects him a new one so it's taken care of ;)

I'm still amazed how much attention this design has gotten. Like Madness of Mission Six, my Pac-Man mash-up, I like them both but don't consider them much more than clever 'alternate origins' or what-ifs.
I do think it is cute how many people keep saying 'velma is hot!' not knowing she's modeled directly off of Chanco


  1. Hey there. Found your site via boing boing and I gotta say, you got some neat stuff. Your Scooby pic is amazing. I was wondering if you were selling prints or not? It really is a cool looking pic.

  2. Yep, the internets sent us in your direction for sure. I gotta say, I'm glad I actually found your blog though, so that I can say directly to you, OMGAWESOME. ;D Well done! (And dude, if Threadless prints it, I and like five people I know are going to be all over it. :P)

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