Thursday, November 12, 2009

the shape of things to come

 There was a time when my diet consisted of ramen noodles and zone bars and I could fit in an american men's medium tee shirt, but no more. Now I have to buy everything large which (no offense to the naturally largies out there) breaks my heart. Because most american larges are fucking HUGE. with sleeves I can put my thigh in, neckholes I can get through with a scooter helmet on, and otherwise hang like a poncho and make me look fatter than my 'merely out of shape' figure actually is.
There needs to be something in between for tall guys with broad shoulders and chests, long torsos. A little pudge but not so much that we have to cover it in a tent. So I propose at least three (if not 5) in-between sizes for men's universal tee sizes.
Tim Gunn: make it work.


  1. Amen, fellow tall-broad-shouldered-man! Medium t-shirts refuse to stay tucked in and have really skimpy sleeves, while Larges are far too baggy.

  2. I'm lucky - girlie M, girlie L and guys' S will all more or less fit. Really like your in between sizes though.