Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If the Velma Tee was a cartoon or movie, this would be some of the soundtrack...

up for 90 days at mediafire, I've uploaded a selection of tracks that would go well in a cartoon or movie of "we've got some work to do now"....

I had started renaming the tracks for certain scenes or encounters, but gave up on that idea after a couple- so i'm not sure what order they will re-arrange themselves into.
It's a mix of instrumental horror-surf guitar, old country, old pop or otherwise cinematic themes that
ithink would be appropriate if Velma's Monsterpocalypse movie was directed by Tarantino or Rodriguez in their hayday.
Quaint, unnervingly calm and quirky tracks fall between frenetic battle tracks, most all the vocals are appropriate to scenes I pictured in my head, daydreaming about a what-if movie where Velma and Scoob slaughter everything from mummies to fishmen, werewolves and zombies....

One of my favorites is Nancy Sinatra's 'Sugartown'- where I picture a dying Daphne- laying in a field near the van, overdosing on painkillers like a lady, after suffering a mortal wound.

you can download the stuffit file here;
http://www.mediafire.com/file/yqkaqyiyyzn/velma soundtrack.sitx


  1. Good stuff. The track "Clue to a Cure" seems to be corrupted. But everything else is great. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.

  2. Damn, I'd really like to know what order you intended these tracks to play....