Wednesday, October 28, 2009


alright, the counts and views and links and buzz on 'we've got some work to do now' is still's crazy, and I appreciate all of it!
here's a run down of some of the most notable links 
and beyond the other blogs and tweets about it, I have the pleasure of Simon Pegg Re-tweeting one of the links on his twitter....which was enough recognition to get me to break my sacred vow to never get involved in twitter. I will try to not abuse it. Feel free to follow me and i will do the same.

there is even rumors may be thinking about doing something about all the buzz. hmmmmm.

anyway, this has been really cool.... I've already made several strong contacts in the art and print world from the publicity, with an interest in the rest of my art in general,and am still getting some small gigs from I sincerely thank everyone who has pushed this design as much as you have.


  1. That particular piece of artwork is what brought me here. It's extraordinary.

  2. Wow, check out that feedback