Thursday, February 25, 2010

LOST: final season.

I'd like to think they can pull it off, but every other episode this season is hit or miss so far...feels like they need ONE more season to really wrap things up. I don't want everything tied up with a bow, but there are so many things that need at least a general HINT of an explanation to satisfy the intelligent viewers. We can't keep writing the show and patching all the plot holes and missteps in our heads and in fan forums for the writers. There is being smart enough to read into things and get what you want from a work of art, and then there is being an apologist for half-assery.

I'm going to keep this blog spoiler free, but the banter of Hurley and Jack this last episode, the discovery they made and the witty and convenient explanation of it was damn near insulting by this point. I understand Hurley has kind of become the voice of the fans in the audience, almost breaking the fourth wall of the show at times, but come on. What they discovered and everything that happened was nothing but last minute 'making it up as we go'.

all the same, I've been in a LOST mash up mood lately, after the success of my LOLS cats pic...


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  1. Great work! Clever with a skewer. I laughed. I cried.