Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Trouble in Little China poster update

It's been quite a surprise to me that my Big Trouble in Little China poster has ended up being my best selling print at my imagekind poster shop , outselling 'modern science', which I used to get inquiries and requests to get printed weekly.
 I love when people drop me a note with interesting stories about how they found my work, where they display it in their homes, or some other small world connection with them, me or it.

For example, Micheal here bought a print of Big Trouble and took it with him to a convention, getting Lo Pan himself to sign it. I'll let him tell it.

Mr. Pitts,
I recently purchased your gorgeous "Big Trouble in Little China" poster to take with me to Megacon2010 in Orlando, Florida, where I had it signed by Lo Pan himself, Mr. James Hong. Mr. Hong was very impressed with the design, and signed the poster with a metallic-silver marker. He asked for information about it, and I emailed him a link to the poster here on Imagekind. Thanks for helping this fanboy make an impression! I wish you success, and with your blessing, will continue to purchase your art for the purpose of having it signed at other conventions.

Your fan,
Michael :o)

I'm waiting to see if Michael has any pics of the occasion, and if so I'll post an update.


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  2. this character reminds me a Shang- Tsung from MORTAL KOMBAT!! sure it was made by his figure

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  3. Ah, one of my favorite movies of All Time. Great poster.